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Toronto Opiate Support

The Toronto Opiate Support Team (TOST) operates in various locations throughout Toronto as an outreach team to engage with and advocate for people who are using opiates or replacement medications, and have little or no access to supportive services.

Toronto Opiate Support Team (TOST) Provides:
• Case management, support and guidance to opiate users, who are accessing services at community agencies
• Counselling to clients of opiate replacement prescribers
• Training to community service providers about opiates and opiate treatment.

We work in collaboration with agencies and programs in the community to offer holistic, compassionate, accessible and flexible ongoing or short term support.

Our goal is to minimize risk and possible harm to people, by using various treatment approaches to providing trauma informed support and counselling as it relates to opiate use, and by facilitating referrals. Please click here to download the referral form.

TOST supports

  • All Youth (15– 24) and
  • Women/Trans and
  • All Older Adults (55+)


  • Have a history of opiate use and/or
  • Are currently using opiates and/or
  • Are currently on methadone or Suboxone/buprenorphine and/or
  • Are interested in either methadone or Suboxone/buprenorphine

*Please note: Men (25-55) are referred to the Satellite Clinic for opiate treatment. Call us at 416-537-9346 or drop by in person to 21 Strickland Ave.

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