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 Family and Youth Initiative

The Family and Youth Initiative is a non-residential program developed to meet the needs of youth, aged 12 to 25, and their family members and friends who are struggling with substance use concerns. Services offered are provided from a harm reduction approach in a supportive, non-judgmental manner.

We offer professional support, both to the youth with substance use issues and to their parents or guardians affected by it. And in the opposite situation, we provide support for youth who are affected by parents or guardians with substance use challenges.

What you can expect:

  • The right to identify your own goals
  • The opportunity to negotiate the frequency of your appointments
  • The right to takes a break or stop therapy at any time
  • Confidentiality


Our Family and Youth Initiative program includes:

Assessments and Referrals

We offer help in identifying a client’s needs or goals around alcohol or substance use. Our comprehensive assessments can include the ‘Eight Tools’ assessment that is required to facilitate a referral to day or residential treatment programs.  We also help source other services or agencies that might offer further supports.


Individual and Family Therapy

Harm reduction based counselling where clients can find:

  • A safe and confidential place to talk
  • Information about substances and substance use
  • Support in defining and achieving their goals
  • Someone to listen without judgment or accusation
  • Someone to advocate for the client or help them advocate for themselves

School Outreach

School Outreach sends qualified clinicians to schools to meet with students who have been identified by educators as being at risk concerning their drug or alcohol use. The clinician provides support as well as individual therapy at the school location, if needed.


Outreach Counsellor

The Outreach Counsellor's role is to connect with youth to address issues relating to drugs and drug use. The Outreach Counsellor provides harm reduction-based presentations, workshops, and group support throughout Toronto, including in schools, youth shelters, drop-in's, and with youth in conflict with the law.


Community Presentations

The Family and Youth Intervention program offers presentations to parents, professionals, students and young adults, whenever requested. These sessions are provide information about drugs, youth at risk and parenting styles.


Adult Information Night

Our two-hour evening presentations are for parents and other adults, who want to know more about substance abuse and its effects.

Participants can expect to gain an understanding of:

  • Drugs, alcohol, and the ways they may affect the mind and body
  • Adolescent development and the factors that put some youth at a much higher risk of developing drug and alcohol problems than others.
  • The signs of drug use and what you can do to reduce the chances that your teen will turn to drugs and reduce the risk of dependency.
  • What parenting styles work and how to help your kids.

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Parent Groups support and inform parents, and assist them in developing effective parenting strategies for coping with the stresses, of concerned parents and guardians of youth involved with substance use.  These psycho-educational groups are ongoing and are offered as needed.   


Stress Management
Stress Management Groups focus on stress management techniques, building self-esteem and decision making. These groups were created to meet the needs of probation-mandated clients, who are often on time restraints and may be hesitant to engage in therapy. Stress Management Groups can be an initial introduction for those who might also consider individual therapy.



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